>Four Things


I have four concepts that are swimming around in my head that are clearly coming out in this blog.  I have appropriate links to help you understand.

1)  The Missional Church — The church exists to be missionaries in the culture of which it’s a part.

2)  The Emerging Church — This is harder to define but is a “deconstructed,” post-modern way of looking at church.  It is closely tied with the Missional Church.

3)  Red-Letter Christians — This is a movement to save the church from both left and right partisan politics by focusing on the words of Jesus (the “red letters”) and living according to his words.  It recognizes all of Scripture as inspired but uses the life of Christ as the lens through which the rest of Scripture is viewed.

4)  Servant Evangelism — The notion that acts of love have a positive change on communities and is what brings persons into a relationship with Christ.


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