>So… Why Church?


I know we live in an environment where many persons believe they don’t need the church.  We get that a lot in Girdwood.  After all, can’t we just experience God in the beauty of our environment?  Isn’t it OK if I go for a hike or go running or go skiing?   My answer to this has always been that “Christians are pack animals” — we travel in groups.  We need each other.

There’s a new resource for small groups I found out about.  It’s by Jared Wilson entitled “Abide: Practicing Kingdom Rhythms In A Consumer Culture” .   The author writes…

None of the kingdom rhythms — Feeling Scripture, Intentional Prayer, Joyful Fasting, Generosity and Service — can be sustained independently. The gospel supposes reconciliation between creatures, just as it does creature and Creator. We need each other, and the Church is God’s design for discipleship. The Christian life must be walked within the encouragement, edification, and accountability of Christian community. We need teachers to teach us how to do it, encouragers to inspire and sustain us, givers to remind us to give, helpers to help us embrace servitude, etc. To “put on Christ” necessitates embracing the Body of Christ as God’s plan for the Christian life. Embracing kingdom rhythms becomes easier and more sustainable when it is done collectively.

So, the question for Christian individuals is, “How can I make my church a place for Scripture, prayer, fasting, generosity, and service?  What can I put into it?”
So, the question for the church is, “How can we make this a place where we are fulfilling God’s plan for discipleship?”


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