>"Sinner" Shirt — Could you wear this?


David Hayward, over at NAKED PASTOR, is a very creative person I I find that his drawings and designs make me think.  This shirt and what he said about it makes me wonder how boldly I could procleaim to the world that I am a sinner. Could I wear this?

This is what David says on his post:

This is an older t-shirt idea. Lisa and I never watch TV, but we were hanging out in our hotel room and clicked on the TV and caught part of American Idol. Jamie Fox was helping the musicians. A part of his thing was to give the musicians a t-shirt with “artist” written across the front… a helpful reminder to them and others of who they are.

The same would apply to this t-shirt. Maybe we should all wear one as a helpful reminder to ourselves of who we are. But it’s also a helpful reminder to others of who we are. I don’t mean self-loathing and despising others. I mean keeping things in perspective. You have your struggles. I will be mindful that. I have my struggles. Please be mindful of that. You have your struggles. Be mindful that I have mine. I have my struggles. I’ll be mindful that you have yours.

This shirt is not only available in layman sizes, but in clergy sizes as well.


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