>I Got Stood Up At the Altar Yesterday


It’s true. There was a couple who I had agreed to marry today, Saturday. I had talked with the bride via phone and e-mail and she and her fiance had filled out counseling material and I had sent back some follow-up material. But…over the last week I had not been able to get in touch with them. I e-mailed. I called. I got no response. I was somewhat concerned.

Well, yesterday was the rehearsal…at 4 PM…at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage (nice place, I’d never been in before). I left my meetings I was in, for the Alaska United Methodist Conference, and drove downtown. I found a parking place. I found out where the Center was. And I found the room where the rehearsal was to take place.

I also found that there was another pastor there to do the ceremony.

I was (and am) annoyed. I’m not really sure what the problem is because NO ONE TOLD ME ANYTHING. I sent an e-mail to the bride, wishing them well on their wedding and blessings on their marriage. However, I said, it would have been appreciated if they would have contacted me.

I got stood up at the altar yesterday.

I feel so used — well, kinda’.


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