>Happy Birthday Polka!

>This was sent by Miles V., a friend from New York days and a “Facebook Friend” presently.  Amidst all the birthday greetings he sent this very funny birthday note:

(Oom-Pah, Oom-Pah, Oom-Pah….)

Happy biiiiiiirthday to yooooooooo…..

(Oom-Pah, Oom-Pah, Oom-Pah)

Happy biiiiiiirthday to YOOOOOUU…..

(*Swoosh*, GONG!!!!)



Dear Jiii-IIIM

(Clang! *Swoosh* Honk-honk! GONG!!)




(*Clang!* Oom-Pah, Oom-Pah! Fweeeeeeet! BLATTT!! Snarl! Howl! Honk! Poot!)


(Rattle-Rattle! Fweeeeeeeeeet! Thump-thump-thump. Rattle-Rattle! Hoooooooonnnnk! Thump-thump-thump! Fweet! Sproing! Woooooooooooot…..GONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!)

(Twang. Tinkle.)



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