>In Memory of an 80 Year-Old Christian Blogger

>The heading of this video says:

In memory of Olive Morgan
The most amazing 80-something blogger we have ever met!
Interview taken from Evangelical Alliance Godblogs Conference in September 2008

Here’s the wonderful video.  Commentary below.

I love her comment that, if John Wesley were alive today, he’d have a blog rather than a journal.

And, more than that, I love how she was able to tell how her blog was a real ministry in the life of at least one person (the survivor of the 9-11 attacks).

I think it begs some questions of me:

1) How is this site a ministry and how will I know it?

2) What are new ways to forge real relationships with persons for ministry?

Thanks to Richard Hall’s Connexions Blog from Wales.  I am reading more and more of the stuff he has over there and can’t help but be impressed what’s going on on “the other side of the pond.”

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