>What are Disney Princess Characters Teaching Our Girls?

>At Girdwood Chapel, we are getting into the Parables of Jesus throughout the summer and I’ve been saying that it’s true that we learn though stories.  They teach us. The shape us into being certain types of people.

That said, I have four daughters and each of them has latched on to a particular Disney Princess.  Our youngest twins idealize Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella and, on many nights my wife and I get to hear made up songs about each of these characters.

So, what are our children learning from Disney Princesses?  If the following graphics are any indication, it might not be as harmless I I hope it is.

From BoingBoing by way of Dave Warnock’s Blog:

Which is very similar to this image from Sociological Images:


One thought on “>What are Disney Princess Characters Teaching Our Girls?

  1. >Friend, I am currently writing about the positive side of the Disney princesses. I do not agree with some of what you have said and wonder if you are watching the same movies I am. Please stay with me for a moment…Every girl wants to be beautiful. We were not taught this, yet our desire is for Adam. God created Eve physically beautiful. He said we are good and creation was not complete with out our feminine form. Now if we let the initial attraction be the reason we marry, we are not wise. As I look a little deeper I can see how every woman longs to be rescued and how the prince in each of these movies actually has shades of Christ. He is our ultimate hero. He will fight and persist and sacrifice until he rescues us. Not for our physical beauty, but because of his undying love for our souls. Each of the Disney princesses was true to who she really is. She was encouraged to be her true self and follow her heart…or wait patiently for her one true lover. They are stories of hope. They make girls feel like they are special. Bell was a bookworm, remember. Ariel was a singer. Each were strong and organized and valuable. Cinderella had hope through abuse. Snow White was an organizer. Jasmine was not looking for money or status but for strength of character and truth. Also consider Fiona from Shrek. She did not end up beautiful. In "Princess and the frog" the prince sacrificed his happiness for his true love thinking that she would always be a frog. I could go on. As a Christian I have looked away from the Disney princesses for a long time. I do not trust Disney. But, I miss the beauty and imagination…the dreaming. So I am taking a second look. Maybe I am trying too hard, but lately I see the call of my king in so many things. After all I am a princess waiting for my hero. Respectfully – Julie Farber loveblossoms.blogspot.com

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