A tie dyed shirt. Photo taken my MpegMan.Image via Wikipedia

Every year at Forest Fair time we have “Tie Dyed Worship” to celebrate the 60s.  That’s when we pull out the custom-made tie-dyed altar cloth and we play lots of 60s music.  While we’ll sing traditional hymns that go along with our sermon topic, and we’ll have normal-type prayers, and Holy Communion, the main sermon illustration will emphasize the spirit and some of the history of the 1960s…which come to the fore at Forest Fair Time in Girdwood.  It’s a fun Sunday and we’ll even play a little name-that-tune.  A lot of our folks weren’t even born in the 1960s so it becomes a fun history lesson, complete with pictures and music and video.

Tomorrow I’ll be preaching on evangelism…and will be using Beatlemania and its lasting influence as the main illustration.  (I know the start of Beatlemania was well before the Tie-Dye craze, but it’s still within the same decade).

Tie-dyed shirts are not out of place.

And then, of course, we get to follow it with Shane Claiborne!

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