>A Case of Lawn Envy


This is a picture of the side lawn where we’re staying.  The house is an old country farmhouse that’s being fixed up

Our family has a lawn. It is a very small lawn that I hardly take care of. I use an electric, plug-in lawn mower and don’t have to unplug it once. It takes 15 minutes–and that’s only because I have to clean the wet grass out of the mower much more frequently than I’d care to do. It’s small.

There are some folks with nice looking lawns in Girdwood, but not that many. Most of our yards are “au natural” with bushes and berries and some grass.  Granted, behind our house in Girdwood is Chugach National Forest.  I’m not complaining.  Really, I’m not.

But, Indiana has some lawns! I don’t want to do all the work it would take to get a lawn looking like the ones I see around, but they sure are nice to run on and play on. Our kids are lovin’ the ability to run and play on freshly cut grass in the sunshine.


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