>Communion By Twitter! — Leave it to the Methodists


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Well, they’re Methodists in Great Britain…so it’s a little different.  Anyway, the following is an excerpt from London’s Telegraph newspaper:

In a modern spin on Christianity’s most sacred rite, worshippers are being invited to break bread and drink wine or juice in front of their computers as they follow the service online.

Churches usually require a priest to take the Eucharist, but the Rev Tim Ross, a Methodist minister, will send out a prayer in a series of Tweets – messages of up to 140 characters – to users of Twitter.

Those following the service are asked to read each tweet out loud before typing Amen as a reply at the end.

The move is likely to upset traditionalists, but the Rev Mr Ross argues that it is an important step in uniting Christians around the world and reaching those who might not normally go to church.

Hundreds of people have already registered to follow the service and Mr Ross hopes that thousands will have signed up by the time he sends out the groundbreaking tweets next month.

I have issues with those churches that do communion with Coca-Cola and Oreos.  I also have issue with this.  Not sure if that’s breaking down the “community” part of communion into something that is almost entirely devoid of “community” (he, ironically, writes on a blog which will be updated to a Facebook account 🙂 )

Is this too much of a “re-thinking” of church?

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