>If I Had and Extra $21 Million…

>I’d buy a MARBLE JESUS.

Yup…for $21 Million I’d buy this marble Jesus that appeared in some tile work in a guy’s bathroom.  This “Jesus” apparently has healing powers and the seller will even throw in his HOUSE along with Jesus.

This is an actual EBay Ad.  Here’s what the ad says:

This magnificent blessing is made up of four individual 12 x 12 marble tiles and is found at eye level on the head of my shower wall.  I firmly believe that the image of  Jesus is in close proximity to the shower faucet in order to represent the Baptismal qualities of water, and the promises one makes in renewing and refreshing one’s spirit.  Since discovering this miracle and trying to bring it to market, I have had trials and tribulations, but I have persevered because of  God’s grace present in my life through this unexplainable occurrence.
In fairness, the seller says that a large percentage of the money will go to church causes. However, I can’t help but think I could find better uses for my (still yet to be realized) $21 Million. 
If you’re in the mood for some snark, see what “Jesus Needs New PR” says.

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