Found this picture over at Believing In the City.  It’s a blog by Chris Shannahan, who, interestingly was a Methodist pastor for 15 years but is now, get this, Research Fellow in Urban Theology at the University of Birmingham.  I think that’s cool.  He says he’s exploring what it means to believe in a liberative God in the city in the 21st Century.

This poster, a protest concerning Shell Oil making huge profits while the people of the Niger Delta live in poverty, bothers me.  It bothers me, not just because there are people who have polluted water and polluted soil and polluted homes.  It bothers me because I am part of the problem…me and my Chevy Suburban and Honda Pilot.

Sure, I want all the world’s people to be free of poverty.  But I also want my gas as cheap as possible.

So, “Fill ‘er up!” with a healthy dose of guilt today.


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