>A Wallet: Recycled, Animal Friendly, Fair Trade, Kiva-supporting AND…

>…made from recycled plastic bags and newspapers collected from the streets of Delhi.

This is from HOLSTEE.

According to their site, this is how and why they made it:

When it came time to buy a new wallet, we couldn’t find what we were looking for so we designed our own…

The slim wallet design holds the essentials – cash, credit cards and even has a sliding window for your ID and Metro card.

Working with a family-run non-profit based in India that works to collect and recycle litter off the streets of Delhi we were able to create our dream wallet. This vegan wallet is made primarily of plastic bags and newspapers, collected off the Streets of Delhi in India. Production of this wallet helps reduce waste in Delhi, provides fair wage employment and subsidizes healthcare and education for each employee’s family.

Our packing is a minimal slide insert made of (at least) 90% recycled material.

I’m wondering what it will be like buying your new clothes or the latte or the stereo equipment when you pull your money out of something that a third world family collected from the streets.



Would be cool.


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