>Marriage and Family…They’re tough.

>Marriage and family…they’re tough.  They’re not easy at times.  Here I sit typing this after having a difficult bedtime with twin three-year olds.  (Actually couldn’t finish that last sentence without having to run upstairs for another bedtime “crisis” — a word of which young children have a different understanding than us adults).  I had a long day of being the stay-at-home dad and felt like there was never a quiet moment to myself today even as I now have to think about getting ready for bed.

But I am thankful for my wife and my kids and where I am in life right now even though sometimes struggle with my various roles.   I am madly in love with them all.

Was introduced to this song by Andrew Peterson, “Dancing in the Minefields.”  It’s what got me thinking along these lines after a long day.


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