>Christian Satire — (Fake) Pastor Brad Towers

>Emergent Pastor MagImage by Fishbowl Collective via FlickrI have enjoyed reading about the Experimental Church for the last month or so.  This is a fake site.  It’s a fake pastor.  And it’s hilarious.  This site pokes fun at clergy and our need to impress.  It pokes fun at sermon preparation and worship style.  I LOVED…really LOVED the whole series on Vacation Bible School where, in a bid to make it more exciting than the run of the mill VBS the pastor produced a SHOCK AND AWE VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL which closed with a fireworks where the pulpit was set on fire and thrown into the baptistry and three coyotes escaped.

This site is very well done.

About the pastor, the site says:

My name is Brad Towers. I’m the Lead Vision Caster at Ridge View Bible Church. I was brought in this year to revitalize a dying church. By bringing together different facets of Christianity, I will bring life to Ridge View. I’m a revolutionary, a dreamer, a visionary. And I will change the world. I may not be real, but I do rock.

As of today, (fake) Pastor Brad is starting an advice column which he says will:

sort of be like “Dear Abby” meets Evil Keneival meets Solomon.

When asked how a young pastor can make a mark on the world, Pastor Brad gives the following response.  It is very funny…particularly the 10 minute sermon preparation and persistence in the face of criticism.

Dear Trying Hard,

Trust me friend, I know where you’re coming from. I’ve worn your shoes and felt your pain. I too was once young and naive, thrashing around like a fish in a china shop (I’ve never quite understood that metaphor, but you know where I’m coming from). But now I’ve learned what it takes to be the kind of leader people will never forget.

First, it takes courage. Courage to stand up for your ideas, even when people say they’re dangerous and could result in bodily harm. Courage to wear a gold jumpsuit when everyone is telling you to wear blue. Courage to blaze a new path – sometimes literally using things like gasoline and propane, and sometimes figuratively, using inspirational quotes and pictures of eagles.

Second, it takes persistence. Persistence to pursue your dreams even though people say nasty things to you like, “Maybe that isn’t such a good idea,” or, “Technically that’s not legal.” Persistence to keep going, even when want to throw it all away and join the Navy or a traveling accapella group. Persistence that says, “I just looked fear in the eyes, and fear blinked.”

Finally, it takes courage. Do you think it’s easy to prepare an utterly profound, life-altering sermon every week? Think again pal. Every week I have to sit down at my desk and wrestle with the depths of my soul for at least ten minutes. But when those dark ten minutes are over, I don’t just have a sermon, I have a masterpiece.

This is very funny.

Go check out the great work of (fake) Pastor Brad.  I’m sure you’ll find something to laugh at that might hit a little close to home.

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