>My Heart Is Full…

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My heart is full.  

I sit here at my desk at the church.  “Mumford & Sons” music blaring from the speakers.  I’m working on worship and thinking and reading about AIDS.  I’m looking at numbers.  I’m picturing faces.  I’m feeling helpless.  I’m feeling hopeful.  I struggle with worship because it’s just such a short time and there’s so much to share.

I’m overwhelmed.

I want the congregation to feel passion and compassion.  I want them be moved and I want them to move in the world to reach out to those who are hurt and hurting, those who are lost or are losing, those many persons forget.

I want it for me, too. 

I feel burdened by God.  It is a holy thing. It is a holy moment.  My fingers can’t type as fast as my heart and my mind are moving. 

I can feel my emotions in my head and in my heart and in my arms and my feet.  When the Spirit moves in me it so visceral.  It is corporal.  It is outward and inward.  It is movement and action and energy. I feel it.

It is passion.

It is peace,

I am touched.

I am loved.

I must love.

I must pray.

I must breathe.

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