>"When Christians Attack" — On YouTube

>Here’s a video of Todd Friel ripping into Adam Hamilton and his work “When Christians Get it Wrong.”   Take it with a large grain of salt.

Please note a couple of things about this attack on Hamilton:

  • The video he uses is taken completely out of context.
  • Adam Hamilton is a believer in the saving grace of God, but as a good Methodist in the Spirit of John Wesley, believes that after being “Justified” by the saving grace of Christ, one is “Sanctified,” again through the saving grace of Christ.  After the heart is “strangely warmed” comes the holy living of the life of faith.
  • According to the gentleman in the video, loving God and loving others is works righteousness even though Hamilton never says that Christians are “saved” by those.

I believe it’s Mr. Friel who “gets it wrong” here.  Isn’t there some irony here?


2 thoughts on “>"When Christians Attack" — On YouTube

  1. >I really don't know Mr. Friel's other work. And I'm sure there are many things he gets right and about which we would agree. However, I think his attack here is exactly what Hamilton is talking about in "When Christians Get it Wrong."Ironic

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