>#pastors24 Twitter Results

>Jeremy, who planned this Twitter Feed, has posted some results from the exercise to show what pastors do on a pretty random, non-Sunday day.

First, when all of the Tweets were made into a Wordle and this is what came out:

That’s cool.

Also, the following is Jeremy’s comments on this:

  • Meetings are one of the top words pastors used. Whether it is meeting with a student, parent, committee, teacher, youth…we are meeting a lot.
  • There’s a lot of “youth” mentions which is powerful. It may be a bit swayed since at least 2 of the participants are in children’s and youth ministry, but still neat.
  • A lot of pastors do work on meetings, worship, bible studies the day-of. A large number of pastors were actively working on their evening programs the day it was to happen. This isn’t a criticism just something I noticed.
  • Many pastors worked 12-13 hour days, even if the first/last hours were doing computer work.

Go Check Out More over on Jeremy’s Blog, HackingChristianity.net.


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