>I Canceled Jesus. I Hope He Understands.

>Cryin' Jesusphoto © 2006 the_anti_paul | more info (via: Wylio)
Yes, last week, on Wednesday, I canceled Jesus…or at least rescheduled him.  By that, I mean I canceled Bible Study.  It wasn’t really an easy decision.  I’m one who has church when the weather’s bad.  I go to Bible Study when the big football game is one.  And I cringe when pastors change their worship schedules for Superbowl Sunday.  But, Wednesday, I canceled Jesus for my own schedule.

And I feel guilty about it.

But, as 6:30 approached at rehearsal for “Once Upon A Mattress” and one of my musical numbers was coming up…I kept looking at the clock and my watch and back again, trying to see how long I could stay around.

Really we didn’t start Bible Study until about 6:45, so perhaps I could stay at rehearsal until just about then?

The weather was bad (a little bad) so maybe the folks driving back from Anchorage would have trouble getting there?

Maybe I’d bust my tail to get there and no one would be there?

The play was in just two weeks.  It was going to be hard to miss out on that rehearsal time.

The director is a Christian and she knew I had Bible Study but you could see on her face that it was going to be a burden for me to miss over half of rehearsal that night.

So, I told her “I canceled Jesus.”

We’ll put Bible Study on hiatus until after Thanksgiving.   I feel bad about it.

I like Bible Study.   I appreciate it.  And I need it.

But we can’t put the play on hiatus.

I hope Jesus understands.

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