>What if we asked "What If…"

>/ponderphoto © 2007 hobvias sudoneighm | more info (via: Wylio)

Stephen Brewster, of Cross Pointe Community Church, asks “What If…”




  • What If we asked “What If” more
  • What If we feared not creating instead of feared failing
  • What if connecting mattered more than staying in our circle
  • What if the next thing we create changes someones life
  • What if we toned it down
  • What if we turned it up
  • What if we invested in other peoples dreams more than our own
  • What if we actually lived what we believe
  • What if we realized how scary safe really is
  • What if we started to live with audacious faith
  • What if we loved people more
  • What if we stopped and listened
  • What if we changed how we do this
  • What if we stopped accepting excuses

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