>"The Radical Fringe" of Christianity


Jarrod McKenna in the Australian FriendImage by C. Wess Daniels via Flickr

Ron Cole, who writes “The Weary Pilgrim” describes the work of Jarrod McKenna as the “Australian version of Shane Claiborne.”  “The Weary Pilgrim” highlights a podcast of Jarrod’s.

What I wanted to quote, however, is how he describes Jarrod and this “radical fringe” of Christianity.

He is part of a radical element on the the fringe of the church that sees faith and works, the practice and action of faith as being critical. The teachings of Jesus put into practice must be lived out, as radically today… to dilute them, co-modify and embed them in western church culture is not the redemptive vision and imagination of Jesus. This radical fringe believes Christianity is in trouble because it has become to passive and culturally accommodating. They are stirring the luke-warm pot of status quo Christianity.

That’s some powerful language there. 

And I am left with the struggle of determining how I should live this out when I have bills to pay, kids to pick up, a church to fund, construction workers to check in on, and a stewardship campaign to close out.

Sometimes I seem and feel so far from this “radical fringe.”  I feel so…established…so diluted…so co-modified…so embedded.


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