>Out of the Mouths of Babes — "What Daddy?"

>This is the conversation that took place this morning, as Abigail (almost 4 years old) woke me up.  She was in the room with me and was talking with her twin sister, Bethany, who was down at the bottom of the stairs.

Bethany:  “Abigail, what are you doing?”

Abigail:  “Waking up Daddy.”

Bethany:  “What daddy?”

Abigail:  “Our Daddy?”

Bethany:  “Oh.”

Ummm…..  What daddy? 

It was only later that I realized they’d been playing make believe and there was “real mommy” and “pretend mommy.”  So, I assume that Bethany wanted to know if Abigail was pretending or talking about the real world at that point.


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