>Ten Things — It Made Me Think

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This is from Paul Martin over at Turbulent Cleric.

It looks like there are really 11 things…with two “sixes.”  However, it made me think I while I might not express some thoughts the same way I appreciate what he has to say.


Credo – 10 things I believe

1/. The immensity, unconditionality and timelessness of God’s love is good news. But it is a cause of scandal. Still God’s grace is for all manner of people in this life and after.

2/. We see the nature of God best when we look at Jesus in whom God has revealed Godself. This has to be good.

3/. The church’s feudings over issues like sexuality do more damage to Christianity than any of the efforts of radical atheists. We need to discover a generous orthodoxy that builds bridges rather than walls.

4/. Spiritual treasure is found in other major faiths as well as in Christianity.

5/. Recognizing the reality of differences between faiths as well as points in common we need real dialogue with those of other faiths. This can help us see what we treasure in our won faith as well as being a means to understanding and friendship in a multi-faith world.

6/. I can see political reasons why nations go to war. However, I can no longer reconcile the killing of war with being a follower of Jesus. I guess this makes me a faltering pacifist.

6/. The message of the Bible points me to believing that God is on the side of the poor. In fact I would go further. To me the the Bible seems to point to the desirability of a more equal society without extremes of wealth or poverty.

7/. We are called not to be passive in the face of injustice. After all Jesus and the prophets did not pull their punches On matters such as the cuts in public spending, non violent civil disobedience is for me not an option. It is a necessity!

8/. Nationalism is a form of idolatry. I care about the people I am in contact with but at times I am disgusted at my country. So patriotism as I see it often defined is as Oscar Wilde put it “the last resort of the scoundrel.” So no flag flying for me!

9/. Personal experience has taught me that being human is a vulnerable experience. We are like a delicate thread that is easily broken. The mental and emotional wellbeing of others should be a trump consideration in both our personal lives and in the functioning of society.

10/. We are leaseholders not freeholders of our world. This means taking care of the planet and its resources so that we fulfill God’s desire to hand over a good legacy for future generations. This means that environmental considerations are vital.


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