>BORING!!! Yeah, I’m Talkin’ to You April 11, 1954

>Boredphoto © 2005 Jason Scragz | more info (via: Wylio)

Apologies to anyone born on April 11, 1954.

That was, apparently, the most boring and uneventful day in history.  I’ve seen a lot of boring days in my 40+ years, but over the entire 20th century, this day–April 11, 1954–apparently takes the cake.  It’s science.  It’s on the internet.  It can be wrong :).

So, what happened to show nothing happened on that day.  According to The Times of India:

Every day something of significance occurs, but nothing remarkable had happened on the said day in 1954, according to experts who inserted over 300 million important events of the century into a computer search programme to calculate.

According to the results of the search machine, called True Knowledge, on that day a general election was held in Belgium, a Turkish academic was born and an Oldham Athletic footballer called Jack Shufflebotham died. Apart from that nothing much happened.

There you have it.  Apologies to Abdullah Atalar, the Turkish academic, and double apologies to anyone else born on that day who has to take a back seat to Atalar.


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