>Is This the Worst Nativity Ever?

>Growing up in New York, I became familiar with the term “Jesus Junk” — you know, the poorly constructed items with vaguely religious themes that sold merely because it had the word “Jesus” or “Faith” or whatever it is.  But, this is terrible.   Jesus as a little troll baby.  Come on!  Joseph has not pants!  This is just…well…terrible.  I’m not sure whether to be offended, amused, or a combination of both.

The Good People over at EHow even have directions on how to dress your troll collection as a nativity scene.

(HT to WhyIsMarko for his “Jesus Junk of the Month”)


One thought on “>Is This the Worst Nativity Ever?

  1. >I thought this was awful at first, but then, I thought about using this with toddlers to act out the Christmas story. I'm willing to bet that most nativity scenes are for ages 4+.

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