>"Create in Me the Life of Laughter"


202/365 - Laughphoto © 2008 Gillian C | more info (via: Wylio)

Working on a memorial service today.  Trying to find joy in sorry.  Trying to preach resurrection in the midst of death.   Proclaiming the love of Christ while realizing there are those who long to feel that love.  Searching for joy to enter some broken hearts.

Found this over at Allan Bevere’s site:

Jesus, I believe you laughed as Mary bathed you and Joseph tickled your toes. I believe you giggled as you and other children played your childhood games. And when you went to the Temple and astounded the teachers, I believe you chuckled as all children chuckle when they stump adults. And surely there were moments of merriment as you and your disciples deepen you relationship. And as you and Mary and Martha and Lazarus fellowshipped, mirth must have mirrored your faces.

Jesus, I know you wept and anguished. But I believe you laughed too. Create in me the life of laughter.*

Yes, suffering and despair are to be taken seriously; and that is precisely why the Christian life is a life of joy. In the midst of it all, God has made a way out. In the middle of our lost ways, God has found us. Only God can destroy death and defeat darkness. Only God can turn our despair into joy. Only God can turn sorrow into laughter. Only God can turn cross into resurrection.

The worst that can happen to us cannot compare with the best God has already accomplished for us in Jesus Christ!
*Cal & Rose Samra, Holy Humor (New York: Mastermedia Limited, 1996).


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