>Laughing on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

>Spilled Orange Pills and Medicine Bottle free ...Image by Pink Sherbet Photography via FlickrThis is from Stephen Altrogge from over at The Blazing Center.  This is not mine at all.  But this has made 5 of our family members laugh on a rainy Sunday afternoon so I thought I’d share it here.   Hope you laugh as well.

The background s that Stephen was spending some time today watching football when an ad for a medicine came on the television.  Now, we’ve all seen these commercials that run through a list of side effects at high speed, perhaps hoping that we don’t notice all the bad stuff that can happen if you take this or that miracle drug.

Stephen says, in a post entitled “Do Medicine Commercials Freak You Out Too?,” that the commercial sounded something like…

If you get regular headaches, ask your doctor about Propanazammy today. Propanazammy can cause itchy skin, watering eyes, stuffy nose, runny nose, bleeding nose, bone disintegration, heart palpitations, heart stoppage, heart explosions, head explosions, headaches, elephant head, limb numbness, lip numbness, fish lip syndrome, elephant head, leprosy, bladder tremors, death, and in rare cases, spontaneous combustion.

If you drink more than one glass of water per day, you may not be healthy enough for Propanazammy. If you take Propanazammy and find yourself totally blind or unable to speak, stop taking Propanazammy immediately and consult your doctor.

Stop the madness. Talk to your doctor. Today.

Funny, huh?

Admit it…you at least giggled when you got to “elephant head” or “fish lip syndrome.” 

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