>A Comic Responds To the Arizona Shootings

>Interesting thing about Web Comics.  They can be very current.  Here’s one I read regularly, “The Joy Of Tech Comic.”  It’s a comic that talks about, well, tech stuff usually and a lot of social media.  Today the artist twists the now well-known map which can still be found on Sarah Palin’s Facebook site.  Its the map of the US with which have crosshairs over the districts of House of Representative officials that her team wanted defeated in 2010.  Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot yesterday, is represented by one of the crosshairs.

While her spokespersons have clearly stated that the crosshairs on the original map were not “gun sights” but “surveyors’ marks” the Palin team has been forced to defend their poster and some of their rhetoric.  To point people to her Facebook stage she had Tweeted, “Don’t retreat.  Instead — RELOAD.”

The Arizona shootings were the work of, it appears, one troubled person.  To make a direct link between the map or Palin or the Tea Party or Republicans or whatever, and the shooter is dishonest.  However, I think this cartoon, and current reaction to the event, has made it clear that we need to change the tone of our discourse.


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