>Out of the Mouths of Babes — "You’re 3 and I’m 16!"

>(de) Klavier, offen; (en) piano, open.                                      Image via WikipediaThis was not going well. I was doing some work online when “The Short Louds” (our almost 4 year old twin girls) came down and started to play the piano.  Well, Bethany started to play the piano and Abigail wasn’t happy that her sister was the one at the keyboard.  Abigail, convinced her that they should share piano playing and also share the bench.

This wasn’t going to go well.  Bethany played and sang. Abigail wanted to play and sing and she did so louder.  Eventually, Abigail got mad and yelled out.  This is how it went:


Bethany:  No, I’m not you’re little sister.

Abigail:  You’re only 3 and I’m 5.

Bethany:  No, you’re not.  I’m the same age as you.

Abigail:  You’re my little sister.

Bethany:  Well, I want to be 16, too.

They grow up so fast….

And, then they played pretty nicely for a while.  Long enough for me to write this post.

Now it’s getting a little out of hand.  It’s probably time to give some baths.

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