>Discipleship in Small Groups — Quote


Group prayerphoto © 2008 The Sharpteam | more info (via: Wylio)

The longer I walk the spiritual journey, the more I realize that–while every square inch of our lives is potential ground for the movement of God–profound change and growth most often happen in the context of relationships with others. 

I’ll even go a step further: I’ve come to believe that if you’re seeking a sustained experience of God–not just a flash of insight or inspiration (though those are certainly nice things)–the best place to look is a small group that meets regularly. Worship can be powerful. Your own prayer life can be committed. But there is absolutely nothing like meeting with people who dare to share their lives over a longer duration of time.  There’s just something about being real with others, slowly lowering defenses and letting yourself be known and liked, and learning to trust others with your stuff that clears the way for us to experience God. It’s pretty amazing. Spiritual experiences can’t be guaranteed anywhere, but my money is on small groups.
This is a quote from Trey Hall of Urban Village Church

(HT to my two colleagues, Jenny Smith and Jon Disburg).

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