>"You Mean, Because They’re Gay?"

>Indigo GirlsCover of Indigo GirlsThis is the conversation that I was in today in the community when I saw someone who I’d heard got to spend some time with the Indigo Girls when they were in the Anchorage and Girdwood areas around New Years.  The person with whom I was speaking knows me quite well.

ME:  “Say, I heard you got to spend some time with the Indigo Girls when they were up here.  How was that?”

OTHER PERSON:  “You mean, because they’re gay?

ME:  Umm….no….that’s not what I was saying at all.  I was….um…just wondering what it was like to hang out with some kinda’ famous musicians….

We continued to talk a for a little big and I did find out some details on the visit, but, for me, the conversation was pretty much over when he said, “You mean, because they’re gay.” 

I have been here for over 10 years.   I’ve known this person for most of that time.  Have I, in any way, shown that thing I’d want to talk about concerning the Indigo Girls is their sexual orientation or sexual preference or any of that?  Can’t I just want to talk about their visit because I can’t help but sing along with “Closer to Fine” on the rare occasions that I actually hear it anymore?  Can’t I just be a little bit jealous that you got to spend some time with one of the kinda’ famous people who come up to Alaska and I want to share your excitement?  I think it’s cool and I’d love to hear how they were as people(“very nice”) and if they traveled with an entourage or posse or peeps (“yes”).

The mere fact that he went THERE showed me yet again how the matter of homosexuality and the church’s stance can get in the way of not only evangelism but just casual conversation.  This bothered me…and not on the big, grand scale of social justice and biblical interpretation and hospitality and holiness.  But it bothered me on the much more intimate scale of just wanting to make some small talk and share a little life with an individual.  Even when it’s not the issue, it can become the issue.

Yes, it bothered me.  Enough that I wanted to write about it while I was still kind of sorting it out.

Don’t know what I’ll do with it now.


Now enjoy the video of my favorite song of theirs:

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