>Wesboro Baptist Church Responds to "Anonymous"

>So, the hacker group “Anonymous” says they’re going after the WBC.  And now, according to the horribly named WBC site (NSFW), they’ve told Anonymous to “bring it.”  I’m not saying that I’m opposed to free speech here.  I’m only saying this could get interesting. 

And as a Christian, I need to be aware that the media could have a field day with this…and that’s partly what the WBC wants.  Even they note that it’s ironic that they rail against the media yet get their message out through the media.  I think I could even question myself and ask whether my mentioning them is bringing them more attention than they deserve or if it is a way to combat their ideology.  I dunno.

Anyway, here’s the press release from the WBC — linked from a different site.  I truly didn’t want to have any WBC links here.


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