>"Jesus Is Lord, and Everything Else Is Bull****"

>Stanley Hauerwas speaking at Luther College on...Image by Jordon via FlickrAh, yes, Stanley Hauerwas.  How much I learned from you…  How you challenged me…  How your words challenge me now…  And, yes, because of your profanity, you still shock me.  I’m sure that’s part of your goal.  Regardless, while you don’t pull punches when it comes to foul language, you don’t pull punches with your theology either.

I found this over at the Connexions blog.  I have edited out the swear word.  I’m not as bold as Hauerwas when it comes to foul language, although I don’t have theological problems with profanity when it’s not used violently against someone.

“Jesus is Lord, and everything else is bull****!”
– Stanley Hauerwas

(responding, in an interview in the March Reform, to the question: “What for you is the centre of Christianity?”)

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