>Preaching in the Missional Church

>see filenameImage via WikipediaIn light of conversations over the last three days about Missional Church, I post this from NextReformation.  It was posted by len.

From the article by this name at preaching.org, Ervin R. Stutzman.

“As a leader in the GOCN, Hunsberger (2003, 149) set forth four trajectories of self-awareness for the missional church:

1. “We own our cultural-ness, our own culture.” We join with our secular neighbors in living within the particularities of the American culture.

2. “We have the habit of continuous conversion.”

3. “We are a living demonstration of the gospel.” More than rational proof, secularized people want to see whether it is possible to live by the mandates of Christian discipleship.

4. “We structure our lives around being a sent community instead of a vendor of services.” For many churches, this involves a fundamental shift in identity, pastoral leadership habits, community formation, and orientation to the church’s mission…

I think this is good stuff as I explore what “missional” looks like at Girdwood Chapel. And I think each of these has been part of our conversations and visioning over the past few years.

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