>What Is Church?

>Close-up picture of mustard seedsImage via WikipediaThis is from a beautiful reflection on a new type of church community in Edmonton, Canada.  It’s a community called “We Care Marketplace.”  While the bit about the community is beautiful…see a video of it below the quote…a love what Ron Cole says about the church over at The Weary Pilgrim.  It is a “missional” understanding.

Again, the question…what is church?

Jesus says in the gospel of John, ” I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

In terms of my reflection, and musings on church, Jesus’ words haunt me. No matter how I toss and turn, plug my ears, pull the sheets over my head…the confront me. For me, the church has to position itself in the brokenness of humanity, in the margins of our neighborhoods. To understand, to identify with…to be real neighbors…we have to be in relationship with ” brokenness.” We must allow them to teach us. We must be willing to learn, not just answer spiritual questions. For the church to move into this space, to occupy it and live in it…is real change.

Maybe, the church needs to die, and grasp it like the mustard seed…and have faith it can produce many seeds. I really believe in Jesus words there is radical scandalous redemptive imagination and power. We don’t need ” big ” churches. Really, despite what the world tells us, ” big is not always better.” We need ” lot ” of small mustard seed communities, that are planted into the cracked and broken places of our neighborhoods. Change must be a reality in it’s life. The reality of sustainability must be an ideal. Most of all, it must live as Jesus did. Also we should never fear death, we are resurrection people.

That’s beautiful, is it not?

Here’s a video about the community which led to this reflection:

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