>Sometimes I’m Unwanted

>A partially elevated (patient's upper body) Hi...                               Image via WikipediaYou know, as a pastor-type person, I have in me some strong desire to make things right.  I like to fix things.  I like to bring comfort to persons.  I like to come into difficult situations, perhaps like a knight in shining armor, to offer the love and peace of Jesus Christ.  And so, when I hear of folks hurting…when I know of a car accident or a loss of life…when I hear of marital difficulties…when someone’s REALLY sick I want to throw on that breastplate of righteousness, pick up my shield of faith, don my helmet of salvation, and carry my sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6) and MAKE THINGS RIGHT…or at least MAKE THINGS BETTER…or at least…HELP.

Not everyone wants to be helped.  Some persons want to get through things on their own.

And, not everyone wants the particular help that I offer.  Some persons would really rather surround themselves with family and friends, without any of the “religious stuff” that I tend to bring with me.  They don’t want to pray.  They don’t want someone to hold their hand who isn’t their spouse or child or parent.  When I walk into a hospital room, for instance, I can’t help but be “pastor” there.  And there are some persons, even persons in our own church community, who don’t want that at their hour of need.  There can be many, many reasons for this and I’ve been at this gig too long to take it personally.

But, still…that’s hard to accept at times.

I can’t do anything but accept it.

But it’s hard to accept at times.

And so, whether they know it or not, I pray for them.

And so, whether they know it or not, I hurt for them.

And so, whether they know it or not, I pastor them…as best I can.

And, I pray that it helps.

I pray that it’s helping now…

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