>I Don’t Like What I Become…

>Angry Monkeyphoto © 2005 danny O. | more info (via: Wylio)
WHEN I FEEL STRESSED — Too much to do.  Not enough time.  No time to do what I want and even no time to do what I don’t want to do but have to.  I snap.  I can feel the stress in my heart.

WHEN I FEEL PUT UPON — I didn’t “ask” to be placed in this or that position.  I didn’t “ask” for this task to be assigned to me.  I didn’t know the job was going to be that big.  It can make me bitter and angry at those who have “put this upon me” and at the job I need to get done.

WHEN I FEEL THREATENED — Why is that person after my job or my role?  Wasn’t I doing a good enough job?  Do people like her or him more?  In these times I can I can imagine as monsters those with the best of intentions.

WHEN I’M SICK — The world always seems so much grayer when you’re sick or in pain.  The same goes for me.  The kids’ screams seem a little bit louder.  It always seems like there’s more dishes to do or errands to run.  All the “molehills” become “mountains.”

WHEN I’M WRONG — I don’t think anyone “likes” being wrong and having that pointed out to them.  I don’t either.  I my head I want to go back to the childhood retort of “SO !?!?!”  I’m sure it comes through in my actions and my mannerisms.

WHEN DEALING WITH MONEY — Money has a power over me.   It stresses me out.  For instance, Tax Time.   For instance, looking at unpaid bills.  For instance, working on a budget. 

WHEN I HAVEN’T FOUND QUIET — I need a dose of “quiet” each day.  For those who know me, this might be hard to fathom.  I tend, publicly, to be a pretty “loud” guy.  But, I need to sit with my thoughts and emotions for a little bit each day.  When I pray, I like to find peace and solitude for a while.  I don’t need too much of it, but without it I feel like I’m going to drown in the noise.

What situations make you turn into someone you don’t like? 


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