>Feeling Old

>Smiling grandfatherphoto © 2009 Lee Haywood | more info (via: Wylio)
I felt old last night.

Last night my wife and I were invited to go to a party at the local coffee shop where I hang out.  While it was originally intended to be a party with booze, catered by a bar, there wasn’t any approval for that plan.   So, it was just coffee and, for me, hot water.  That’s probably more to my liking anyway.

The guy who runs the shop is awesome and after being invited I wanted to show up, not only to support him and get to see him play in the band for a few songs, but because I thought it would be fun.  An evening out with my wife.   Good music.  Nice people.

We got there late because of a community schools commitment until about 9 PM.  Then we needed to get dressed and deal with screaming 4 year olds for a few minutes.  We got to the party a little after 10 PM.

And it was those things I was looking for. Good people.  Good music.  But we were about the oldest people there.  Which is not usually an issue.  But it was noticeable.  And it was loud…real loud.  And as I was enjoying the music I was wondering if I was doing any lasting damage to my ears.  My wife had said her ears were hurting because of the volume and I offered to get her some kleenex to use as earplugs.  That offer was rejected because that would have made us feel older.

While it was a small party, with less than 20 people in attendance by the time we showed up, it was clear that the young ladies that were there were dressed like young ladies in their early 20s would dress.  My wife was beautiful in her dress, but even she noted that, while her dress looked good on her, it looked a lot more “grown up” than what the other ladies were wearing.  She looked like a mom.

We had a nice time.  I could sing along to some of the songs.  I enjoyed my hot water.  I like the people.  But even with that small group it made me remember my college days and the dances we had.  It seems so long ago.

Apparently, because we were late, we missed the opening act which was more bluegrass-y and I might have appreciated.  We also missed the crowds that were there for that opening act.

I’m glad I went.

I went by and thanked the coffee shop owner for inviting us and we talked about the music.

I still feel old.

What situations make you feel old?


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