>Two Things I’m Reading Devotionally These Last Two Weeks of Lent

>The 4th station of the way of the cross on the...Image via WikipediaStations of the Cross

I’m a big fan of the work of Michael Spencer, the “Internet Monk” who died last year.  I’ve not been able to read all of his stuff, but, during Lent, I’ve tried to go back and read some of his older posts. They challenge what is is I believe about the church and how I view my own evangelicalism, which I know doesn’t look like the “evangelicalism” I grew up around.  The blog is now being carried on by those who worked and talked and learned and journeyed with Michael.  I’m enjoying the daily reflections on the stations.

Reflections on “The Our Father”

Jennifer Fullwiler is someone I’ve gotten introduced to lately.  She grew up as an atheist and converted to Catholicism, entering the Catholic church on Easter in 2007.  While she dives into her new faith, she knows what it’s like to be outside of it as well. I have appreciated her reflections on The Lord’s Prayer.

Do check these devotionals out for yourself if you’d like.  I can highly recommend both of them.

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