>Interesting Take on Heaven and Hell

>A vision of Hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. I...                   Image via WikipediaStill a lot of talk about the Rob Bell book, Love Wins, now that some people (not me) have read it.  Is he a heretic or false preacher or a true prophet or a man of this time or a great showman or what?  Regardless, we have a lot of folks thinking about heaven and hell.  That’s a good thing.  I found the following quote today as I was going through my inbox.

Whatever we want to say about hell, it simply cannot be what we have received as the ‘traditional’ view, a place of eternal, conscious torment. If that kind of suffering exists, there can be no heaven for any of us.

This is from Richard Hall on his blog, Connexions, from Wales
Interesting, huh?  
He says there would be no heaven if we knew that there were folks in endless torment.
Made me think.
That’s a good thing.
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2 thoughts on “>Interesting Take on Heaven and Hell

  1. >The Jehovah's Witness theology of Hell works around this concept and is worth some study. To summarize my understanding, whereas Sin is a choice against God as Creation, Hell is therefore nothingness.

  2. >I have a pastor friend who always pictured God as a light. And when he prayed for persons he envisioned them being held up to a great light of God. Using that image then, hell would be darkness. Kind of falls into the same category.

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