>A Hymn for Palm Sunday — From Chaplain Mike over at iMonk

>Palm Sunday CrossesImage by rachelandrew via FlickrCame across this today.  Thought it was beautiful.  If you don’t frequent The Internet Monk, you should.  This is just one of the many great things I’ve seen there.  I’m an avid reader (not commenter) and have loved their Stations of the Cross meditations.

color, color everywhere
greets the king on donkey’s foal
crowds are gath’ring! now, come quickly!
bless the lord with heart and soul!

pathway lined by royal sage
zion’s skies are dazzling blue
hail messiah! sing hosanna!
bless the lord who visits you!

bring green branches from the palms
shed bright cloaks and cast them down
run beside him! raise your voices!
bless the lord, sing his renown!

gleaming marble temple walls
magnify the glad refrain
onward, to the altar, singing!
bless the lord who comes to reign!

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