>Problems with Beautiful Days

>Mr. Sunshine (2010 TV series)Image via WikipediaIt’s gearing up to be another beautiful day here.  It’s 5:53 AM and the sun is already out, although it’s behind some mountains right now.  The sky is clear and blue.  It’s going to be a beautiful day.  This is a problem…on two levels.

First, on a personal level, when it’s this beautiful out, I don’t want to get any work done.  Even when I’m doing work, I find myself looking out the window, wondering if I can squeeze in a bike ride or a long walk.  I think I should get the dog out and tell myself it’s too nice NOT to take him to get some exercise.  As my wife’s a teacher, I know that, on these beautiful summery — not quite “summer” — days, the kids’ at school find it hard to focus. I have some of that going on in myself.  It’s hard to sit at the computer when there’s so much I should be doing outside.

Secondly, and not personal at all, beautiful days are somewhat of a rarity for us.  We live in a rain forest.  We get a lot of rain.  In the winter, we get a lot of snow.  In short, we’re used to a lot of precipitation.  Our ground is used to a lot of precipitation.  Our plants are used to a lot of precipitation.  But after a light snow year this winter, and this spell of sunshine, our ground is quite dry out there.  That increases our fire danger dramatically across the state.   This could be very bad for some people.

So, forgive me if I’m hoping we get a little rain pretty soon.

Until then, I gotta’ find some way to enjoy the day today.

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