>"The Internet Is My Religion"

>I think this is an important video, telling the story about how one man’s faith in God is replaced (to some extent) by the internet.  It’s where religion becomes the interconnectedness of separate individuals working for good.  There are a lot of very Christian themes that come through this talk and I think it’s an important video to watch.

It might make you tear up.

It might make you want to tell him all about Jesus.

It might make you wonder where the church is in the story.

It might help you see technology in a new way.

You might just agree with everything he says.

(Also, know that you might be asked to offer up an email address in order to watch more than about five minutes of it.)

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>The "OUR" of "Our Father…"

>The Lord's Prayer in a Cemetery in Henderson, ...Image by Lori Rivera via FlickrJennifer Fulwiler is reflecting on “The Our Father” during Lent.  I just started reading some of her reflections today, having had it in my “Read It Later” file for some time. 

I loved this.


It’s plural. When Jesus’ disciples asked him how to pray, he put the words of a collective prayer on their tongues. He instructed his followers to address their Father as a family.

Once I understood this, it answered so many of my questions. Yes, it would be more efficient if God simply revealed himself to each one of us and told us whatever we needed to know. But if he did that, what would happen? We would withdraw from one another. Our natural human tendencies toward selfishness and self-centeredness would creep in until we each lived on our own little islands. And so he came up with the perfect plan:

The entirety of God’s revelation to man occurs through other people. In other words: we have to draw near to one another to get to him.

Cool, huh?

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