>Francis Chan Goes to Hell (I Mean, the Discussion About It)

>Rob Bell.  Universalism.  Hell.  Gospel Coalition.  Evangelicalism.  Etc.

Francis Chan enters the discussion.  Here’s a video intro to how he’s looking at the topic…with a lot of humility.

This gets at a lot of my personal feelings about it.

And, just because it’s the coolest introduction ever, this is how Chan was introduced at the EXPONENTIAL event in 2009.  I think you can only watch this after you’ve seen how humble he appears in the first video.

>Rapture Humor (with Mutants) — Could This Be My Last Post Ever?

>OK.  I have been mostly silent about the whole “Jesus Coming on May 21, 2011” stuff that’s been going on.  I believe that Christ will come again at some point but I believe we’re kind of in the dark as to when that’s going to occur.  Many times Christians or sects within Christendom have known the day or year when Jesus was supposedly to return  And each time we’ve been wrong.  And so, my hunch is that that, even with a lot of advertising and free media exposure warning people that tomorrow’s the “big day,” I will probably be around to blog another day…and not because I’ve been “left behind” while all the true believers are taken up into heaven, but because it just didn’t happen.

This is not, in any way, shape or form, meant to imply that “the Rapture” won’t happen tomorrow.  It is only meant to say that I don’t really think it will…although I believe that when it happens the salvation I have in Christ will put me on whatever side He’s on.

So, I try to separate myself from those who believe Christ is coming tomorrow and dismiss them as crazy, Christian folk.  But there’s something about all the “end times” talk that makes me realize that, I’m just not that different from these folks we see on the news or driving around in their “rapture” vans.  Even the Anchorage Daily News had a story on the front page.  That’s the ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS, folks.  There are a lot of similarities between myself and those who have sold everything in preparation for the rapture tomorrow.  We believe a whole lot of the same stuff.  And…I do believe that Christ will come again.  Most of my argument really boils down to timing. 

Yet it’s easier to cave into the rapture humor.  One, it makes me feel good to distance myself from religious crazies out there…making me feel a little less religiously crazy myself.  Two, it diffuses some of the tension this discussion can get into if we REALLY get into it.  Three, it can be pretty funny.

And so, I offer the following “rapture humor” from The Lutheran Satire.  There’s a lot of “meat” here that gets at some of the arguments between dispensationalists and non-dispensationalists.  But there’s a lot of humor here too.

It’s VERY funny.  It addresses some of the theological/Biblical issues involved.  And it makes me realize how thin the line of division between these two characters is.

Regardless of what tomorrow brings, I cast myself on Christ today.